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About Robert A. Butler

Robert A. Butler is a man of many passions and endeavors. As a joint owner of several car dealerships across the Indiana area with his father, Robert G. Butler, the Butlers run Butler Auto Group. Just like his father, he believes in the power of family and giving back to the community.

What makes Butler Auto Group is a combination of family and community that the younger generation of Butlers continue to carry on with. With low turnover and multiple employees working at the company for decades, Butler Auto Group prides itself on being an accessible company where any employee can speak with either of the owners, or anyone else they need.

In addition to treating their own like family, Butler Auto Group embraces community endeavors of several varieties that benefit parents and children. These endeavors include over a decade of dealer matching programs for Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana and Riley Children’s Foundation that sees $10,000 in donations to both causes each year. Robert A. Butler is proud to support Alternatives shelters–one of the few domestic abuse shelters that doesn’t turn a person away–by offering safe trick or treating for children, as well as donating a minivan for those children to attend school and weekend activities. Butler Auto Group furthers its endeavors by supporting Saks Fifth Avenue’s Key to the Cure, Toyota’s Hole in One Program as well as local school events.




Butler Auto Group

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